Help in the search for the father in Mozambique

A total of 20,141 Mozambicans came to East Germany to work, but after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the collapse of the socialist economic system, the system indirectly expelled them. On 28 May 1990 GDR and Mozambique changed the return Agreement, and in the following months almost all Mozambicans returned home.

However the remaining lot gave rise to new dynamics;

“Contact of East German citizens to foreigners was unwanted and was eliminated,” said Almuth Berger, in the GDR most important figure in the church, and todays Commissioner for Foreigners in Brandenburg.

Even married couples were not entitled to common property. Particularly sharp criticisms by the East German churches had tough rules on pregnancy; abortion and deportation were imminent in such circumstances. Reunification of families or the growth of a second generation of foreigners in the GDR was explicitly not provided.

As a result, there are many children of that time, grown up without the parents and very often in racially prejudiced environment.

For those who want to find their loved ones, apply to us. Write to, we will try to help you. There is no guarantee of success, but for one young man it did work out.

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