The Global New Generation Kenya (GNGK) was formed in March 2010 against the backdrop of heightened social problems of different respect in Kenya and global society today. The idea was improved through wider consultations and broadening of the team to facilitate ideological efficiency in the foundation phase, to proportionately meet the social needs of the Kenyan as well as the global society.

Kenya is a country rich in vast and diverse cultures found within the sovereignty of her 42 tribes. Over the years, we have failed to take advantage of that rich diversity to form a rich blend of the different cultures. Instead tribes have given rise to tribalism and subsequent intertribal prejudices that have created tension and polarity along the ethnic lines. The effects are characterized by increased territorial mentality, mistrust, dwindling cohesion and lack of tolerance between different major tribes.

As a proactive means to counter the withstanding social problems, the main objective of the organization shall be to promote information, art and culture as fundamental forms of social integration among the youth and children.

This shall be achieved by creating a national forum or platform for parents, charity homes and education institutions in Kenya, to foster their education as well as extra-curriculum activities towards bridging various social gaps in our society in more practical, easy-to-understand modules such as through drama, theatre actions and even topical music.

GNGK seeks through its mandate to organize intercultural events and travel exchange between Kenya and other countries for youths and children of various multicultural backgrounds, and to promote the general local, national and international understanding of the myriad multicultural orientations among children and the youth from various sections of our society through creative artistical ventures. Public awareness programs such as seminars, lectures or fora, to educate the public, policy makers, implementers and the general public about the vital linkages between arts and culture, education and development  to essentially win public and political support, ownership and sustainability of projects.

GNGK will strategically work with local organizations to support, promote and facilitate the empowerment of affiliated local partners in order to enable them realize their full potential as vital organs for dissemination of information through cultural    accommodation and issue- oriented artistic presentations across the country, and beyond. The mandate also entails assisting in production and development of materials to be used in contemporary arts and culture   training and research programs among the youth and children. To publish, issue and circulate gratuitously or otherwise any reports or periodicals, books, pamphlets, leaflets or other documents on education, information and arts and culture issues as  may be necessary or be desired for the furtherance of the organization’s goals.

GNGK here creates a forum that attracts, brings together and develops organizations and individuals who spearhead the inclusion of arts and culture in public education programmes targeting the youth, children, and parents.

The organization assumes a global outlook to mitigate upon social problems that emanate from culturally related differences; it also provides a platform upon which diverse culture can be showcased to promote cultural pluralism. That essential global outlook is reflected in the ramification of Global New Generation (GNG), to form a consortium of organizations within Africa under the umbrella name Global New Generation Africa (GNGA) in which GNGK is the focal organization.


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