The Concept of Global New Generation football academy in Gambia is to bring together a group of children in the ages of 6-15 years and use sports as a method to develop their personal skills and to groom them into pawners and pillars of the society. Football or soccer as it it mostly known, develops leadership skills, critical thinking, teamwork, responsibility, accountability, focus and its very fun for those playing and those watching. through mentorship and proper training, the kids stand a chance to play in divisional league. At this level they are at advantage side of attending trails in deferent big clubs and different countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and America. This stage allows them to showcase their talent and make a living from it as a profession, in the mist of all of this we will be assisting the communities and helping families and individuals.

In order for us to achieve this goals we need to create a better enveroment and football atmosphere, but we cannot achieve all of this without best football/Soccer materials which the Academy is lacking at the moment. We are calling on donations and sponsors to join hands in achieving this goals. In collaboration with the Gambia football associations

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