Global New Generation Gambia, (G.N.G.G), and its partners are working closely to embark on a new school, as the community in Banjul (tobacco road) will be using the school as a mini hospital, health center for the community sponsored by a German organization.

In this veil the school has to be close which teaches both English and Arabic and has over two hundred (200) pupils within the community. The Banjul city council with its key member staffs including the mayor of Banjul Mr. Samba Faal and the German organization members made a meeting with the women wing, Global New Generation were presented, this meeting came up to be a friendly meeting were ideas and proposal were made in front of everyone, and both the health center and the school is important and the women wing also use the other class for their tie and dye, batik and other domestic works that they engage in to solve their problems, we literate the important of all parties and its importance’s to the community of Banjul (tobacco road) , and our appreciation and the good gesture they brought in for banjul(tobacco road) and we welcome and honor them in random for giving the community of Banjul (tobacco road) for such a good and wonderful opportunity of having a health center in our door steps..Total appreciation by the community and Global New Generation….Banjul (tobacco road)


German organization, they were also very happy in the way we welcome them in open hands and again welcome them in the community which gives them a broad way in their operation, and that we are ready to work with them, In this point they enlightens the community that they are here to help in the health sector especially in Banjul (tobbaccoroad) as we don’t have a health center in our community, so this opportunity is given a priority for us to benefit totally a good health facility, first class standard.


Global New Generation Gambia with collaboration with the women wing in Banjul (tobacco road),has made a suggestion that the reserve land behind the school building presently a health center, should be build for the women wing to do their jobs there, as the school we recommended its closure because of the noise when the school will be there. They admit that and will also be ready to build that structure for the women wing in the reserve land and its going to be a (bantaba)and a store which we all appreciate and welcome it in random of a pulse. Solely responsible by the German organization.

The school should still be in the community and we were task to identify a suitable place with a friendly environment, The mayor of Banjul Mr. samba faal and the Banjul city council, are caution and for the rehabilitation or the new building of the school are yet to be arrange, but a place has being identify, and we will meet again with the council for final arrangements within are photos of all proceedings.


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