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Global New Generation Ghana:






The proposed project Global New Generation Found In Schools (Exposing the Underground Creativity)  is in commemoration of International- Africa Youth Day

The project aims to usher the youth and children into a healthy frame of creative work. This can then act as a guide and tool to inspire children and youth against unhealthy competition in the creative art industry.

The project will be a forum to share experiences, ideas and inspiration between elderly, experienced artists and the young about the creative art industry.

As an intercultural exchange program between Ghana and Germany; intend to share diversity; to discover and nurture children and youth; to address challenges artistically in the society and global issues such as education, health, housing, empowerment and employment. Specific collaboration is described below:

Is a musical collaboration between German and Ghanaian artists especially among the young and also renown artist who has focus on youth upliftment, later will visit each other country as soon as recording is done, in order to create the possibility for the music video coverage between the two countries, which our German counterparts have prepared compilation beats for both artists to compose their own songs to the beats; the compilation CD will be promoted, marketed, and distributed by the label New Globe Art Factory.

The featured artists discovered in the school program Global New Generation Found In School will keep in contact with one another , visit each others countries to perform and continue, deepen their exchanges, which will create possibility for the youth to face the reality of Europe and the other way round face the reality of Africa to demolish the fake images set up by media

Workshops, seminars and presentations by professional mentors in the Ghana performing arts industry will set out diverse career choices in the field of creative work.

Promote GLOBAL NEW GENERATION MUSIC  COMPILATION CD through a launch concert. As this will create platform for the children and youth to exhibit their talent.


As far as the benefits are concerned, the project will give a great number of youth a forum from which they can engage in more productive art and cultural activities, as well as discover and exploit their talents.

The impact of the project on the youth should begin to be seen in the first six months, specifically the fact that more youth from the regions will begin to be drawn to the event center, and appreciate cultures from outside their own locality.

The youth are naturally the most socially active in any society, it is the stage of life where ambitions and the means to achieve those ambitions are of a high priority for many individual youth.

These targeted beneficiaries will therefore be open to any opportunity that arises to help them engage in more productive activities as participants learn through the travelling experience of both cultures Europe/Africa in the form of this forum. At the end of a year, Global New Generation will seek to conduct an impact assessment through, if possible, a different project l0cation.

This is aimed towards perpetually integrating cultures from different regions of Ghana and Germany to influence cultural pluralism and tolerance.


The Children and Youth Participant

The Ghanaian Society

Culture Promotion Groups


The forum will address the following issues:

a. Healthy Life Style of Creative Artist and Actress/Actor (lecturer Mr. Ben Brako)

b. Creative Art as a Healthy Business (Mr. Kofi Amoakohene)

c. How Creative Art Can Create a Holistic Society (Black Santino)

The Global Mentor Award will be bestowed to persons who have created positive impact in the shaping of Ghana’s creative arts.

Launch and share experience during the production of Global New Generation musical compilation album entitle: Global New Generation Ghana between Ghana and Germany.

Music and dance performances by various artists from various regions of Ghana- Germany and other countries.

Multi cultural Art and Crafts exhibition.

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