GNG Mali


–          Repairing of School in Kati ( materials have to be bought, will be done by residents of Kati)

–          Concept of GNG Mali – possible activities of the students during their holidays with the aim of fundraising ( Hassana Diaby will organize things)

–          Possibilities of fundraising: selling artwork made by students e.g. during their holidays ( GNG will cover first expenses)

–          Contacting artists in Mali  in order to get “prominent” support

–          Searching for possibilities to finance volonteers who will work in Mali for one year e.g. weltwärts

–          Mandy Hetz is applying for Promos-scholarship to get financial support for an internship at GNG Mali ( she will give computer-courses and support in PR)

–          Sonja Prinz tries to organize Bambara-lessons for future volunteers in order to provide an easier communication between Kati residents and the volunteers

establishment of GNG France in Paris / St. Denis

– establishment of GNG France in St. Denis ( by Hassana Diaby and Viviane  Chaudon)

– letter of appeal for financial and material support ( schoolbooks, books in English, French) to several institutions in order to support GNG Mali

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