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Roll-up banners are ideal visual aids to help children contextualized complex processes. Combined with one of our themed games or coloring books, it exciting to teach and learn.

The banners are printed on waterproof tarpaulin and measure 1m x 2m. You can order them along with other tools as a complete study kit, or only as a single item.

It is also possible to rent any item in the kit.

You can also order for a customized tool that will perfectly fit your learning needs.

To place your request, simply send an email to

The roll-up on the 17 Global Sustainability Goals

With the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the United Nations call for a better future for our world: to ensure good nutrition and a poverty-free world by 2030. In addition, the SDG’s promote access to quality education and health for all. 139 countries have signed this future treaty known as “Agenda 2030”.

This roll covering an overview of all the 17 goals, targets children of between 6 -12 years of age. Therefore suitable for use in schools.

Other roll-up banners specific to an SDG include;

The SDG 4 “Quality, including education for all” Roll-Up
The SDG 5 “Gender Equality” Roll-Up
The SDG 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production” Roll-Up
The Permaculture Roll-Up

To create the information on the roll-ups, children and educators were interviewed by GNG in Germany and Kenya. Therefore, information contained therein is based on accounts of real people within the specific contexts. The roll-ups were designed for both local and global analysis by elementary school students aged 6 -12 years.

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