GNG Sports for Empowerment

As we continue in our mandate to support youth through promotion of talent, we intend to engage in sports initiatives targeting young people. This approach targets community and government based sports initiatives.

In connection to this, we collect sport equipments; ball’s, soccer shoe’s, sport kits and protection gear. Organisation than distridute material among the network members; mainly, Kenya and Gambia. These network members have earmarked sports initiatives to support with an aim of nurturing youth talent, social cohesion and empowerment.

Through partnerships with communities and their local authorities, we help local youth discover and nurture their talent for empowerment and positively impact their communities.

During the tournaments the youth shall engage in various awareness activities that seek to alleviate the social vices that affect young people. By context, some of the vices identified are; the allure to drug abuse, dropping out of school, joining gangs, and is some cases joining terror groups.

In this regard, we urge you to get involved by contributing towards this noble cause through sharing sports materials and equipment.


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