Kounoune belongs to the district of Rufisque and is one hour from Dakar. The urbanization of the city of Dakar is progressing incredibly fast. An area of ​​over 200km around the city center is covered with new buildings, land prices are rising very fast, farmers and their fields are disappearing at this same pace.
On dec 2nd.17 we visited the farmers of Kounoune for the first time: carrots, peppers, diakhatou peppers, onions green beans … they grow naturally and without chemical fertilizers. Farmers have founded a GIE to survive alongside big exporters like Gafari. Once a week they go to the wholesale markets Thiaroye and Castor in Dakar to sell their vegetables there. You have to rent a truck, also the water to irrigate the fields has to be paid, as well as the workers to order the fields. But their GIE has a bank account, she takes loans to local banks with tough conditions. The money will then be distributed to the farmers and paid back to the bank after 6 months including the 10% fee. If one of the farmers does not pay back in time, no one from the farmers group can get money for the next few months; means some fields remain empty. The Farmers’ Leader wants to participate in training sessions for farmers, who regularly take place in Israel and Italy, in order to sustainably improve the living conditions of farmers in Kounoune.
On dec 5th.17 GNG Senegal were with the president of the farmers in the Chamber of Commerce of Dakar. We have entered the organization of farmers in the database so that they find ways to increase their business. Mme Gaye Head of Department, advised Mr. the farmers president on the distribution / export of agricultural products and promised to agree on the conditions inquired about the purchase of the organic label. Then we met the leaders of the Global Ecovillage. They will visit the fields and study the situation on the ground.
On dec 12th.17 there was another meeting with Khaly Mbengue in the fields of the farmers of Kounoune for a rough situation analysis.

maraîchères de Kounoune

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