Global New Generation is a consortium of organizations that promote education and information in art and culture, as fundamental forms of social integration among the youth and children.

Global New Generation Berlin and Global New Generation Kenya invite individuals and groups in environmental conservation Income Generating Activities (IGA) to apply for a scale up grant. The activity must be empowering to the individual or group while positively impacting their communities.

1. Background information

Introduction of the applying organisation (one paragraph)

Describe your existing project stating how it empowers you or your group and its contribution towards the conservation of the environment in your community in not more than 200 words (include photographic proof of your project, copies of book keeping and bank records of your IGA).

2. Problem statement (the issues within your community that contribute to environmental degradation. What does your existing project lack that you would wish to add through the support you are requesting for [not more than 200 words])

3. Project justification (Why your project is important to the conservation of the environment)

4. Overall goal of the proposed project (one sentence)

Project outputs

Project objectives (What do you wish to add to your project, to your empowerment and to the community that was not there before this grant [in bullet form])

5. Project implementation strategy and schedule (in a table, please give timelines to specific activities of the project including financial, progress and end of project reports)

6. Beneficiaries

Who are the direct and indirect project beneficiaries and show how they will be impacted positively by the project proposed by you or your group?

7. Project Budget (Not more than Ksh 180,000)

8. M&E Framework

9. Project Reporting plan

10. Project Sustainability

Explain how you plan to sustain the project.

Applications to be forwarded to Global New Generation Kenya through not later than 17th September 2014

Categories: Donation

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