new generation goes e.V

The Initiative “New Generation” was created in Jan 2008 by the artist Sonja Prinz.

who is decorated as one of the best voluntary artists of berlin. After, more than 10 years, mothers and fathers with or without migration background have been working on the realisation of this project.

The foundation is for artistic youth to work with focus on music, dance and theater in an inter-cultural environment. We intergrated the inspirational medium of african culture. As the multiethnic population develops politically we wish to encourage and engage other cultures to merge socially.

As parents of Afro-German children we face the confrontations of racism and prejudice in our daily lives.One of our main concerns is to raise our children as equal and respected members of the society in Germany.

In addition to our school of music, arts and intercultural education to the children we strongly confirm the virtues of behavior and the gift to express one’s self. Students who participate in our workshops obtain the sense of acceptance and self-confidence.

The workshop helps motivate the connection between the children to develop respect for family, friends, teachers and strangers. We propose to develop the interaction of conflict resolution for all mentalities to use in all cases of discrimination or interrelations in our land.

Every year we choose one topic which we  work on in different districts. We work on the scripts together with the children, based on historical facts. We invite native Artists, to assure an authentic advancement. When the music is written, and the children have rehearsed choreographies and studied their parts, and, the costumes and stage decoration is ready, then we present our musical at local festivities, festivals and schools. At the same time we prepare the recording, every musical becomes an audioplay, and the children themselves sing and speak their parts and play their instruments, as well.

Karneval der Kulturen 2008

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